Jjjuiceee Project Galaxy + Galaxy + Galaxy


Double IPA.

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Jjjuiceee Project Galaxy + Galaxy + Galaxy.

Featuring our favorite Australian hop in the kettle and dry hop, this rendition of the JJJuiceee also presents the very first liquid Galaxy product to make its way stateside. 

We have a close relationship with our Australian growers, which has enabled us to maintain a steady stream of amazing Galaxy throughout the years. We have been pushing hard for the arrival of Spectrum, and when we finally received it stateside we began brewing with it immediately!

Pouring a ridiculous turbid yellow color into your glass, Galaxy + Galaxy + Galaxy tastes like juicy pineapple, mixed citrus, and earthy tropical fruit. It carries a sharp bitterness that fades quickly, enticing your next sip. What a treat!

Jjjuiceee Project Galaxy + Galaxy + Galaxy.

Canned 9/4/24


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